Computer & Networks

Computer & Networks

During the years I have been working as Computer Hardware and Network technician, with a focus on the Wireless Networks, given my communication engineering background.

Computer Hardware Technician

My passion for computers, and more specifically for hardware itself, began in 2009 when I started disassembling my computer to see how it was made. So, I started to find out on internet the role of the various components and how they work. The next step was to squeeze with the software and operating systems. On my old PC, an old Athlon 64 Dual Core, I tried everything. Sometimes I spent periods changing operating systems every week. I went from the classic Windows XP, to the Ice edition version, to the Extreme edition and other unofficial custom versions. Then I discovered Linux: Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Debian and Arch, but I had the biggest satisfaction after successfully installing – I have lost at least a week of time – Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Over the years I learned how to assemble custom desktop computers, repair them – when possible -, and perform classic maintenance, repair, recovery, data recovery, etc.. Even today I still repair and assemble custom PCs, mainly gaming and workstation machines commissioned by friends, private customers and some small companies nearby my place. Here you can find some (old) video of my builds, but typically I have no time to make a video for each system.

IoT and Wireless Networks

Given my background in IoT and Wireless Telecommunications engineering, in the last years I’ve been playing with several IoT platforms (Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, RaspBerry Pi) and I also deployed several Wireless Networks (Ubiquiti, Tenda, etc.), both for me and my research activity, but also for some private customers and small companies nearby me. My adventure in this area began during my Bachelor Degree second year, when an exam focused on telecommunication networks and smart devices brought me closer to the Internet of Things (IoT) world. After focusing my thesis on Low Power networks, in particular Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), I decided to buy some Development boards based on the latest ESP32 module, equipped with both b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy.

In my few moments of free time,  in the past years I managed to develop some nice and simple IoT projects, all detailed by a step by step tutorial to implement them. You can find the code of some of my projects on mine GitLab Profile: CLICK HERE