Cryptominando Project: Italian blog about cryptocurrencies and blockchain

22 Apr , 2019 Blog

Cryptominando Project: Italian blog about cryptocurrencies and blockchain

At the beginning of 2018 I created together with my University colleagues, an Italian blog focused on the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications.

The adventure started for fun on the evening of January 18 2018, when we met in Lagrimone, near Parma. We bought the domain and created the website using the WordPress CMS.

After a few weeks we realized that it was no longer a game, but a real job. Users on social networks were growing fast, visits were increasing day by day and with them also the appreciation from the community. As we grew up, we also participated to events and fairs, including international ones, where we had the opportunity to met and appreciate the reality of this sector.

Cryptominando Project: Italian blog about cryptocurrencies and blockchain

The idea

The idea behind cryptominando project, was to provide fresh news, insights and tutorials to bring newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies and explore the applications of blockchain technology.

When we decided to create the blog, on the Italian scene there were few Italian websites in this field. Some websites only treat news, others only guides or only mining. Others one treat only with some specific cryptocurrencies.

Someone who covered everything, or almost the sector, in a continuous and timely manner was missing. And it is precisely on this factor that we decided to focus, ensuring a free information service with a certain timeliness and constancy. Many small blogs in fact, have closed their doors after the crypto bubble between 2017 and 2018 . But we didn’t!

The editorial line

In our project we have opted for an editorial line initially focused on tutorials and columns. Subsequently, consolidated the users, we focused on the news, trying to ensure maximum timeliness.

The strategy proved to be successful, allowing us to acquire and retain the users who came to our site from searches on Google, also thanks to the strong focus on SEO that we have applied in our articles.

The choice of the best content combined with the right KeyWords, studied by analyzing the most common issues on the main Telegram and Facebook communities, has often allowed us to be always on the piece. Among the proposed contents, I personally have often dealt with cryptocurrency mining, writing technical and complex articles about the mining algorithms, the hardware to be used and the many protocols.

Such contents, have often proved to be a real success.┬áThe real strength of cryptominando, however, were the tutorials. In fact, we have written some of the most complete and detailed guides among those available in Italian. From the simplest topics, including, for example, “How to use Coinbase”, etc., to the more technical ones, such as “How to create a Smart Contract Ethereum”, etc.. The same goes for the in-depth studies, in which the concepts underlying the functioning of the blockchain were illustrated and in which possible applications, problems, evolutions etc. were explained.

Events & Media Partners

As the website became more and more popular, Cryptominando staff had the opportunity to participate in various events related to the world of cryptocurrencies in Northern Italy, also acting as official Media Partner.

Thanks to these events, we were able to propose interviews with some experts of the sector, as well as having the opportunity to write exclusive content.

We partecipated to events like Codemotion and the Mobile World Congress 2019, during which we had the opportunity to touch some of the applications of the blockchain within many companies.

A few numbers

In almost a year and a half of activity, more than 1350 articles have been published. In total, about 770,000 words have been written, while I personally have write as many as 263,000 words in almost 400 articles.

During this period, cryptominando recorded more than two and a half million page views. Adsense, one of the three Advertising platforms we use, recorded 1.3 million impressions, for over 2.8 million advertising units displayed.

While the total number of unique users is around 600 thousand.

The month with the most visits was November 2018, with almost 370 thousand visits and over 100 thousand unique users.

The day with the most visits was 17 September 2018, with almost 40 thousand daily visits and over 17 thousand unique users.

Among Cryptominando’s social networks, the Telegram community has 2200 members, while the channel has over 3500 members. It is the Italian Telegram channel regarding cryptocurrencies with the highest number of users.


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